she’s flower-sweet and fire-wild – butterflies rising quote

she's flower-sweet and fire-wild

Another flower quote from butterflies rising’s flower obsession is ‘she’s flower-sweet and fire-wild’. The quote is a poem excerpt derived from her poem ‘she’s got all that wildflower energy in her veins’. Like ‘beautiful wildflower, grow untamed’, the quote and poem are meant to capture free-spirited wildflower energy and the poem is something that butterflies rising wrote about self-discovery and soul searching. Both the poem and quote are published in her poetry inspiration journal ‘go where you breathe free’ and in her poetry book ‘she’s flowers and fire’.

Book photos and memes of the she’s flower-sweet and fire-wild quote can be found on the butterflies rising poetry blog.

You are welcome to make your own memes of the ‘she’s flower-sweet and fire-wild’ quote for non-commercial purposes as long as butterflies rising’s author credit is included in the meme. She also loves to share the credited memes on Instagram, so feel free to send your posts to her at

she's flower-sweet and fire-wild

she’s flowers and fire book photo of ‘she’s flower-sweet and fire-wild’